I was reading my comics update on the Publisher's Weekly newsletter and found this bit of information (click here):

The Middleman, a graphic novel published by Viper Comics, is being made into a one-hour pilot for ABC Family. Matt Keeslar and Natalie Morales will star in it. The comic was written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and illustrated by Les McClaine; they story revolves around a struggling artist who is recruited by a secret agent to fight villains.

Congratulations to Javi and Les. This is very cool indeed. I can't wait to see the pilot. Matt Keeslar, who I remember from Art School Confidential, is perfect casting for the title role. Gotta say I'm proud of Viper for sticking with this series. Anyone who has read The Middleman knows it's good, but by some twist of nature the sales never were what they should have been. My opinion. (Do you have all three TPBs? Buy now. Ask questions later.) Hopefully, you who missed the boat will come back and become a fan, like me.

In other updates, The Happy Bullets released a music video for their song The Vice And Virtue Ministry. It features some beautiful animation. The Happy Bullets are in the process of recording a new CD.

Information about Art Conspiracy 3 is now available.

Tomorrow is my signing at Zeus Comics. I'm worried, because the UPS shipment of Karma Incorporated TPBs hasn't arrived. This might suck. Light a candle and pray for the postal gods to come through.