Some upcoming conventions/store signings for the release of the Karma Incorporated and Astronaut Dad graphic novels:

September 15th - 16th
Free State FreeCon Comic Book & Toy Convention in Lawrence, Kansas (website)

October 6th at 6 PM
Hastings in Round Rock, Texas (website)

October 24th
Zeus Comics and Toys in Dallas, Texas (website)

October 27th
Pub Fest at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton, Texas (website)

November 14th
Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman, Oklahoma (website)

November 16th - 18th
Wizard World Texas in Arlington, Texas (website)

It's shaping into a nice little book tour. I'd like to do more out of state, but it's difficult to take off during the school year. Anybody at Strange Adventures want to fly me, plus a friend, to Nova Scotia Canada? How about Rocketship in Brooklyn? Star Clipper in St. Louis?