Karma Incorporated pin-up (below) by Cal Slayton. Make sure to visit Cal's blog, and check out the super cool Spookytown art.

New headshot of me, taken by Carissa Byers, for the La Reunion website:
photo 1 | photo 2

This Friday, I'm going to The Door in Dallas. My friend Heather Daniel released a new CD. Congrats Heather. We were friends in high school, and I think she may have been one of the few, rare, precious fans of my ill-fated band Cosmo Monkhaus -- and a spiffy person in general.

Then on Saturday, I'm going to Lee Harvey's to see The Happy Bullets (1807 Gould Street, Dallas TX 75215, music from 8:30 PM to 12 AM). It's going to be their last show for awhile, as they are about to start work on recording a new album.