Tim Leong's Comic Foundry Magazine has been rejected by Diamond Distributors for rather curious reasons (read here).

According to Diamond: "a B&W title at the price you're using just won't work well in the current market we believe." Fact: our cover price is $6.25 for an 80-page B&W magazine. Now they might not think that will sell, but it isn't consistent with what they're already approving. Such as Issue 14 of Draw! magazine, that's 80 pages, B&W and retails for $6.95. Same with issue 15 of Write Now! Both same specs, but 70 cents more.

I called Diamond for more clarification and spoke with Tim Huckelbery, who let me know the news in the first place. He said, among other things, "When I was looking though it and reading a magazine of that type, which is about comics, which has lots of images of comics characters, that is looking to be timely and topical, I was expecting color. That, just for me, is how my brain is wired." So, to be a timely magazine with topical content (and feature images of comic characters) it has to be in color? I'm sorry, I've thought about this all afternoon, and I don't really see how this makes sense. What about The Comics Journal or Comics Buyers Guide? Neither of those are full-color, right?

I'm a fan of Comic Foundry and level of quality they consistently bring to our market. This magazine would fill a niche that other comic-related publications do not, offering reasonable competition in a limited field. It's a shame Diamond has made such an error. However, I'm encouraging everyone to e-mail Diamond's Tim Huckelbery and request they reconsider this decision.