It's Kennedy's birthday today. She's three years old, and absolutely wonderful. Tomorrow, we're going to some crazy chicken place (it's a restaurant... can't remember the name) for her birthday party. Photo by Castle Photography.

A more recent Emily Edison review by the respectable Sean Kleefeldt:
The writing was good. Solid characterization throughout, smooth and natural dialogue. Most importantly, I think, writer David Hopkins let Brock Rizy's art stand on it's own when it came to telling the story. He didn't bother with an overly expository narrative when the art conveyed what was happening. He also didn't fall into the standard superhero trap where the hero spouts witicisms and one-liners while battling whatever foe he's up against. Emily largely kept quiet during the fight scenes, and only spoke up once she had a chance to breath. (click here to read the whole review)

Photos from CAPE