Free Comic Book Day is next Friday. For those fortunate souls living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Stumblebum Studios will be selling THE BRADLEY BOYS ADVENTURE MAGAZINE at various local stores. The anthology hosts a great selection of talent -- Katie Cook, A.C. Hall, Aaron Wilson, Chris Medellin, Dave DeGrand, Dave Sherrill, Dana Place, Sam Milligan, Paul Milligan, and me. All new stories for the growing world of pulp hero Dash Bradley!

Click here to purchase Mars 1938 and Round Two, which feature earlier Dash adventures. Remember Tank Girl, Rocketeer, and the Crow? These indie comic book characters seemingly came out of nowhere and became huge hits. You need to pick up Dash Bradley before the major motion picture.

Speaking of pulp action heroes, I love this new web comic RIP HAYWIRE from Viper Comics.