That's my wife. Roller derby advocate and honored spokesperson for tough women everywhere.

If you haven't been to a bout this season, you need to go. Check the schedule and plan ahead. FYI: The Deathrow Rumblers, Melissa's team isn't playing in May.

Also, my 30th birthday is next Tuesday, May 1st. We're celebrating this wonderful occasion on Friday, May 4th at St. Pete's Dancing Marlin in Deep Ellum (2730 Commerce Street). 9 PM. Why St. Pete's, you ask? It's *also* CAPE's Live Art Show. See? Aren't I horribly efficient?

DJ Aki. Art by David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, Kristian Donaldson, James O'Barr, Lea Hernandez, Joelle Jones... I couldn't think of a cooler event. And all proceeds go to benefit Child's Play and the Children's Medical Center. Come for the art. Wish me a happy birthday, then stay for the art. You'll love it.