Melissa has been tinkering with her MySpace profile and Project Playlist. I decided I'd give the playlist a try. Here's my first attempt (posted below), searching for songs, and trying organize it with some sort of "mix tape" sensibility. Leave it to this generation to take vast amounts of technology all for creating a better mix tape. The iPod exists because the dual deck tape player with a record button came first. I remember spending hours on many a Saturday afternoon recording mix tapes, cuing it perfectly and then waiting for the moment to hit pause as the song faded. It was a lovely meditative exercise. Sitting and listening to music that demanded to be shared.

I'll admit my mix here is a little melancholy (Rickie Lee Jones' version of For No One, abruptly followed by Everybody Knows) and kinda odd (Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzola). What the hell, right? Hey, if you know me, it works.