I haven't posted anything in awhile. I've been swamped with La Reunion Workshop, which is officially in the past tense. The workshop went well. But thank god, I can get back to writing. I was a little disappointed in my own presentation. I thought it could've been better (I'm capable of better). So it goes. The DVD coming soon, courtesy of the immensely talented and over-worked Luke Hawkins. Participants seemed to enjoy themselves, and we had a sizable turnout for the after part at the Belmont, which is a good sign.

One thing: When people ask me what I'm working on next, it's my favorite question, but I need to find a way to answer in under ten seconds. Something about that question makes me ramble. I'm verbally blogging at them. To those poor well-meaning souls, I'm sorry. Next time, I'll just say, "Stuff."

By the way, Paul Milligan and Dave Sherrill on Fanboy TV tonight.

Paul and I have a short story in the upcoming The Bradley Boys Adventure Magazine (sketch of the cover) for Free Comic Book Day.

Our hero and pulp novelist DASH BRADLEY has been brainwashed by his evil editor to write Nazi propaganda.