I've been working on chapter three of Karma Incorporated (Vice & Virtue), and I hit a wall. I wouldn't say it's writer's block. Just wrote myself into a corner. And short of any deus ex machina or completely cheesy action hero feat, I don't see a way out. Normally, I'd say, "Okay then, I guess this character doesn't make it out alive." However, I need him later. That aside, Vice & Virtue is going to be great.

April will be a busy month. I've got La Reunion Workshop (sign up!), and I should probably figure out my presentation. Need to send an e-mail to the other presenters. April is also my month to finish the re-write on book two of Astronaut Dad, and hopefully finish Vice & Virtue and the first issue of Bulletproof West. Which, by the way, Dan Warner sent me and Jamar some character design that look really cool. The first chapter of Bolivar is done, and Diana Nock's working on the thumbnails. Damn. I also need to work on another article for D Magazine.

The goal is to have my writing schedule wide open starting in May. I'm making room for one new creator-owned project (and only one) this year. I'll be busy enough with the TPBs in the Fall, plus everything else still in progress.

Random thought, no one cares, but I'll share anyways...

In my minicomic Some Other Day, the character Mr. Donny also shows up in Karma Incorporated #2. On the back cover of Karma Incorporated #2, Emily Edison appears on the coffee mug. In Emily Edison, the teacher talks about Antigone. Antigone, page one, panel 2, has Jack Ruby on it. My Jack Ruby story (obviously) references the Kennedy assassination, which is also featured in Astronaut Dad. In Astronaut Dad, Ed Kelly makes a comment about Stan's daughter being a little "Annie Oakley" who's a character in Bulletproof West. Plus, Some Other Day, Karma Incorporated, and Emily Edison all mention the fictious wholesale company Dal-Mart.