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Josh Howard's column at Wizard (click here)

But go to the Independent forums of any comic book Website and it's practically a ghost town--an average of two or three replies per thread, and those are usually by the book's creators saying "Please read my book!" The Internet is a place where fans have complete freedom to make their voices heard, and the voices are saying resoundingly, "We love mainstream comics."

Josh is right. Wizard is what it is. An increase in indie coverage wouldn't change what people buy.

I would like a small increase in alternative/indie coverage. Is it too much to ask for four pages a month, instead of the standard two pages from their Secret Stash? Time magazine declared FUN HOME Book of the Year. AMERICAN BORN CHINESE is the first graphic novel ever nominated for a National Book Award. BONE sold over a million copies through the Scholastic Graphix imprint. PERSEPOLIS is being made into a full length animated feature. Houghton Mifflin's Best American series released a BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2006 anthology. Not to mention, DC's Minx imprint suggests corporate confidence in indie/small press styled content. Surely, there's an audience, and it could benefit Wizard to expand to four pages? I agree with Josh 100%. But four pages, instead of two. I'll put up with Wizard's bizarre Wolverine fetish if you just give me two more pages.