A comic book convention... free of charge? It's madness! Oh yes, the Dallas Comic Con is next weekend, March 17th and 18th. It will be at the Richardson Civic Center, and not Plano, as it was the past few times.

Media guests include:
Morena Baccarin - Serenity/Firefly (appearing Saturday only)
Clare Kramer - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ernie Hudson - Ghostbusters
Peter Mayhew - Star Wars, Chewbacca
Walter Koenig - Star Trek, Chekov

Comic creators include:
Brian Denham - Iron Man: Hypervelocity
Scott Kurtz - PvP
James O'Barr - The Crow
Tom Martin & Chris Peel - Some Big Lumberjack
Jaime Mendoza - Uncanny X-Men
Cal Slayton - Shades of Blue
and Me

I'll be there with several copies of Smart Pop's Webslinger and Man from Krypton.

Last night, Mark Walters invited me on his BigFanBoy LiveCast. The main guest was Clare Kramer who played "Glory" in Buffy. I called in halfway through the show. I talked a bit. Fun, and a little chaotic. This mp3 goes straight to my segment.