I got back from STAPLE! late last night, and skipped out on the live art show (sorry guys); a force much stronger was calling me back to DFW. I knew I wouldn't be able to make Melissa's game, but I figured I could surprise her in time to help clean up and go to the roller derby after party. She was surprised. And while those live art shows are a blast, you all survived without me. Although, I did get a missed call from Brock at 2 AM. Brock?

Speaking of, Brock's ¡Bike_Gang! was at the show in full force. He had a spiffy banner, even spiffier t-shirts, and the help of Adam and Steven. It was a lot of fun having them there. Brock printed some mini-comics, which should be available at local comic stores soon -- Orbit, a 24 hour comic and the ¡Bike_Gang! Sketchbook. For anyone who purchased these two minis, it's hard to deny that Brock has one of the most original, and off beat (in a good way), minds in comics. As someone who's worked with him, I can testify... no one thinks the way he does. I can't wait to see the completed ¡Bike_Gang!

Other stuff I picked up: I've wanted to get Crazy Papers by Jim Dougan and Danielle Corsetto for awhile, and finally did. I'll read it later today.

Will gave me a copy of Mangled Stare #4 as penance for shooting me in the eye with a nerf dart gun, point blank range. It hurt, but honestly, if it means I get such a cool book in exchange -- I'll don't mind getting shot in the eye. The story: I was talking to Danielle, when I noticed she looked off to the right. I followed her glance, turned my head and got nerf'd. All of this started, because I shot Will in the chest with a nerf gun earlier in the day. You win this round, Mangler. But at Cape, I'm bringing safety goggles.

I also got Product of the Eighties: Teenage Confessions from the Reagan Era (volume one) by Dana Jones. This mini-comic needs to be a freakin' hardcover book that you can buy at Barnes&Noble or Borders. Put it on the shelf right next to something like Post Secret and Found. Such a simple concept, amusing, witty, a sad confessional -- it's the best kind of satire.

There's more to share, but for another time. I gotta get to Gran's house for lunch.

Thanks to Rob for allowing me to stay at your place this weekend. Greatly appreciate the hospitality. And thank you Chris Nicholas, good ole Uncle Staple, for all the work you do for local comic book creators.

UPDATE: Photos from the Mangler. I love that Danielle, Melita, and myself are all trying to eat his oldest son. Here's a flickr set from STAPLE!, includes photos of right after Will nerf'd me. Another set here, includes live art show.