Time to post some links.

The official website for Douglas Coupland's movie Everything's Gone Green has been updated, including a list of showings in North America. The US Premiere is at SXSW. Hmmm... will Coupland be there? Unfortunately, I'll have to sit this one out. Last year, I got into the dEUS show without a badge. It might be infinitely more difficult to sneak into a premiere at SXSW. Even if he was there, I'd rather meet Coupland at a book signing anyways.

Speaking of, Douglas Coupland posted the cover to his next novel, The Gum Thief. Unfortunately, it features (as you might imagine) a big fat wad of pink chewing gum. Melissa's not going to want that anywhere near her. The novel is set to release Fall 2007.

Here's a great Publisher's Weekly interview with Aimee Friedman and Christine Norrie about their graphic novel Breaking Up, published by Graphix. I highly recommend this book.

New York Comic Con is this weekend. Congrats to Tim Leong for being named the official NYCC video podcaster. Here's his winning entry. Notice the brief "me" cameo at the Eisner Awards.

The CAPE 3 site is now online (click here). Looks great. Kudos to master designer Chris.

The Triple-J Web Comic Line-Up
Monday belongs to Jeff Elden: The Middle Child
Thursday belongs to Jim Lujan: The Dog Hostage
Friday belongs to Justin Stewart: Popped Culture

Check out Cal Slayton's Space Tank.