Ivy writes about last night's signing at Zeus in the McCloud travel blog. We had a great time. Melissa and Kennedy were able to be there also, so it was nice having the whole family. Dinner was great. I always get a little anxious when we have a crowded restaurant and a large party to be seated, but no problem there. Talked with Sky about Veronica Mars and the curse of reality television. I shared with Scott Kurtz and Mark Walters my idea for a hit new reality show, "Skydiving with the Stars" -- statistically speaking, if the series aired long enough, one of the episodes would be very interesting. Other topics: Movie soundtracks, playing "We Are The Champions" at my funeral... just because, trailers, pop music equivalency in comics, carpal tunnel syndrome, and the Cintiq. Apparently, Kurtz has a biographer who follows him around everywhere. Some reporter guy.

Lost track of time, but not as badly as Kristian did. He thought it was 9 PM. It was 11. Afterwards, I drove down to Exclesior for the art show. I knew I was going to be late, but not as late as I was. Sorry. Everything was wrapping up by the time I got there. Brock had been there too. He did a few pieces, and I missed him.

I did hang out for a bit with Paul, Aaron, Dana, Chris, and the two owners of Exclesior, which was fun. Although, as a general rule, alcoholic beverages should be kept far, far away from the store owners.