A new Emily Edison review from Guy LeCharles Gonzalez at Comic Book Commentary:

"The back cover blurb bills the story as 'the ultimate interdimensional custody battle', and it's pretty spot on as more than half of the story is comprised of extended fight scenes. Emily battling the badbots, her half-sister, the monstrous Stefah'nee, and finally, her grandfather himself. David Hopkins (who wrote the similarly off-kilter Karma, Incorporated) does a solid job of balancing the fighting with some character development, doing a particularly good job of grounding Emily's character as a believable teenage girl with believable teenage issues. Kudos also go to artist Brock Rizy for depicting Emily as a normal-looking girl, freckles and all. His distinctive overall style won't appeal to everyone, but it gives this story a unique look and feel that lives up to Viper's reputation for signature, quirky publications." Read the entire review.

I'm rather proud of the off-kilter label. I try. Sleep deprivation plays a huge factor. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez also mentions our recent nomination to YALSA's inaugural Great Graphic Novels for Teens list. Here's a complete list of those titles nominated.