BEST OF 2006

The Dallas Observer has featured me in their "Best Of 2006" edition. It's out now. I'm on page 28. And you can read the write-up HERE.

This is cool. I got a congratulatory voice mail from Daniel Miller earlier tonight. Thanks! (Sorry I couldn't call you back. I was in the middle of putting Kennedy to bed.)

Updates galor: (1) Copies of Antigone are being shipped right now for the Zeus signing next Wednesday. Hope to see some of you there. (2) The Dark Horrors anthology (with my short story) should be coming out around Halloween. (3) Jamar and I are writing a freaky non-historical historical Western together. (Frederick Douglass is the President.) We just got confirmation from the artist. Not going to say anything else this early in the project, but he's hella talented. (4) Diana Nock and I are working a graphic novel that is still in the very beginning stages. It might be a while. Shanna Caughey has graciously volunteered as my story editor. Much appreciated. (5) Sent the Jack Ruby proposal to a few publishers. I'm waiting for a response. (6) And I sent a different proposal off to a different publisher, but can't talk about that one just yet. (7) Cal is working on the Last Babysitter. This is going to be good! (8) Greg is working on Omisoka Bridge. Can't wait to see the art. (9) Possibly more Karma Incorporated? (10) My goal is to have all this stuff more or less wrapped up (on my end) by May. At that time, I'm starting on the opus I was daydreaming about. Maybe not the wisest thing to try and publish, but I don't care.