A good Emily Edison review from Sequential Tart

The characters are great. Emily is your typical teenager from a broken home, with typical homework problems and boy problems and hateful half-sister problems -- complicated by that whole Grandpa-keeps-trying-to-destroy-the-world thing. Emily is totally nonchalant about her super powers and odd parentage; it's the homework and the boys that cause her to totally spaz out.

And the art ...! The facial expressions are amazing. The fight sequences are insane. And Emily is a nicely rounded, muscular young woman, not a bean pole. Rizy uses two completely different art styles for the two different settings. Earth in a wild, thick-inked cartoony style. The parallel dimension, on the other hand, looks like paper cut-outs, giving it an unusual three-dimensional look. Interestingly, Emily's half-sister Koo looks other-worldly even on Earth.

Emily Edison is a wild ride. I hope Hopkins and Rizy return to these characters soon.