My weekly column is still going at Pop Syndicate. I need to create a larger backlog of articles, so I'm not going week to week. Possibly I can work on it tonight? I need something that's not going to feel like a burden--something I look forward to writing. Fortunately, I've been given a lot of freedom to write really whatever I want. (At least, I haven't been told "no" yet.) And it's easy to upload these articles, which I also like. Feedback is encouraging. Let's me know I'm not just talking to myself. Melissa's been faithful to read each one, which I appreciate.

After the "It List", I'm writing a column about comic book critics. Review the reviewers. Should be fun. Then for November, a month long series, "David Hopkins interviews his friends", which should free up some time for something else I'm planning to do. December will be a return to more of what I started off doing. (I think.) All the while, my chess match with Scott McCloud continues as a regular installment.

Kennedy has been sick for the past couple of days. She's been running a temperature and complaining about her ears, having difficulty sleeping at night. We took Kennedy to the doctor and got a prescription for antibiotics. Hopefully, she'll feel better this weekend.