8/28/06 ~ We survived the weekend!

This past weekend was extremely busy for Melissa and me. I've haven't been this happy to see a Monday in quite awhile. Not that I didn't enjoy the live art show, the two Barnes & Noble signings, the Deathrow Rumblers fundraiser, and the championship bout for the Dallas Derby Devils--it was all great. I'm just relieved to take a nice deep breath, and find my routine.

I'll post pics from the art show soon. It went very well. Later in the evening, we had a pretty good crowd going. Brock and Kristian kicked artistic ass. The butcher paper "free art zone" was well-received. We filled it from end to end. Thank you again to Sarah Jane, Stephen, Edward, Brock, Kristian, and Stephanie.

Yesterday, before the championship bout, they officially introduced the Deathrow Rumblers. Melissa got to skate the track with her team as the announcer called their names. Melissa's worked hard to get to this point, and it was an exciting moment. She looked comfortable on the track. The Rumblers' first exhibition bout will be in another month or so. Can't wait.

I apologize to those people who read my weekly Pop Syndicate column (both of you). We recently bought a new computer. Well, new to us. It's my friend's G4, and now it's ours. The computer itself is great, but we're still needing to adjust a few things (for some reason the internet won't stay connected) and we need to add some more software--such as Microsoft Word. How does this relate to my column? Well, I use Microsoft Word. And yes, I am fairly obsessive about my word processing software. I'm hopelessly crippled without Word. Could I type my article at school? Sure. But stop using logic here, I'm making excuses!