8/15/06 ~ French for "The Reunion"

La Reunion TX has added some new details (and events) to their website. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have any artistic/creative interests, La Reunion is well worth your attention. (http://www.lareuniontx.org)

Sorry I haven't updated my site in awhile. Been busy starting a new school year. And I have some cool projects coming up -- a possible collaboration with the talented Diana Nock, co-creating a comic with my friend Jamar Nicholas, a short story with ZeeS, and a one-shot with Brent Schoonover.

Of course, Antigone is coming out in October. Brian Kelly sent me the first 12 pages for Jack Ruby (still looking for a publisher). Cal Slayton and I are working on our proposal The Last Babysitter.

I want to get all this stuff scripted by November... for certain reasons. But that's a post for another time.

Karma Incorporated news coming soon?