8/3/06 ~ Lawrence is the Austin of Kansas

Just got back from Kansas. Brock and I went to Astrokitty for the final stop in our booktour. Of course, the tour never really ends. In a few weeks, on August 25th, we're doing a live art show at the Avenue Arts Venue in Dallas with Kristian (see previous post). And then for the next two days following, we're signing copies of Emily Edison at the Barnes & Noble in south Arlington. Eventually, I'd like to go to Star Clipper in St. Louis.

Let me say first and foremost, Astrokitty is one very cool store. It's located in downtown Lawrence, surrounded by lots of other cool locally-owned shops, restaurants, and bars. Joel is the owner of Astrokitty, and he's created a real sense of community among his customers. For instance, they have monthly sketch group gathering. Joe (not to be confused with "Joel") also works at the store. Such a great guy, he acted as our friendly tour guide last night -- and we even crashed at his apartment. We're very proud to be the first creators to do a signing there. Now the rest of you need to go.

If you are anywhere near Lawrence, get your butt to Astrokitty! And then afterwards, go have pizza at Ruby's around the corner.

On September 30th, there's going to be a comic book convention --> CLICK HERE and scroll down. All comic book creators get a free table. Melissa and I are thinking of going for the weekend. Maybe. Jeff, Matt, Justin, you guys interested? Hmmm? A perfect excuse to check out the store.

Also, while there, I met some other talented artists. In particular, Tom Avery with his online comic Cheating at Solitaire. If you're looking for a more "alternative" alternative to web comics, this is your guy. Fantagraphics needs to publish him.