7/27/06 ~ An-tig-oh-nee

Available in the August Previews Catalog on page 334 (order code AUG063534).

Black & White, 32 pages
written by David Hopkins
illustrated by Tom Kurzanski
SRP: $2.95

Antigone stands against King Creon for the right to bury her dead brother. This new version of the Oedipus trilogy is a Goth fantasy, mixing ancient and modern -- a dark, twisted, distorted perspective, playfully obscure. From the creators of Karma Incorporated with epilogue by Greek literature expert Aaron Nelson Thomas.

I've updated my comics page with this information. Also, Silent Devil has an Antigone discussion forum.

Having taught Antigone for six years in the classroom, I'm fairly knowledgeable about this story. To retell the Oedipus myth was an exciting challenge. And working again with Tom Kurzanski? I couldn't be happier. He always brings so much skill and depth to everything he illustrates. It's just a great collaboration.