6/8/06 ~ Trying to pretend to not want to pretend to look cool

Both my Smart Pop essay and Emily Edison got a mention on today's Dallas Observer blog. (click here to read) Speaking about the essay -- "it reads like a smart-ass National Public Radio commentary" and then "I'd call him a dork, but I think he's just about the coolest guy in the whole wide world." Nice. Thanks to the super-awesome Robert Wilonsky who's also doing a more specific Emily Edison article in the coming weeks. Much appreciated.

Speaking of Smart Pop, I'll be a guest on their panel for San Diego Comic Con -- Friday, July 21st, 2:30 PM in room 1B.

The final details are being made for our Emily Edison book tour. I'll post the full schedule either later tonight or tomorrow.

Also, I've updated links on my site. If there's anything missing, let me know. I added IDW, Mangled Stare, Stumblebum Studios, Art Prostitute, La Reunion, and Ninety-Five Design.