5/23/06 ~ More like you

Thank you Melissa for taking this new photo of me... with a pipe. I'm selling out. Re-branding myself. Hiring a team of marketing gurus to develop my new look. I'll be a writer super star. Or at least, I'll look like one. After all, the pipe?

You wish I was joking. The new me likes to drink rum and cola (with a lime) every evening before I start writing. The new me will talk about the industry and pitching my intellectual properties. The new me is photographed only in black-and-white. The new me watches everything in widescreen. The new me reads Variety. The new me needs an agent. Why? Because having an agent means... um... wait, why do I need an agent? The new me likes to hold a pipe. Oh yeah. I am a writer.

Speaking of, got my copy of Douglas Coupland's Jpod. I'm going to start reading it this weekend. (As I mentioned on MySpace...) With some people, it's a particular band or album or movie. Me? It comes back to his books. I held up the dust jacket photo of Coupland from this latest novel. "Sweetie, can you make me look like this?" Melissa said no.