5/17/06 ~ The only independent American artform?

Yesterday, I mentioned a new comic by Justin Madson. Here are two more books I'd highly recommend, available for online purchse with paypal.

Rob Ullman's That's Just Super 48 pgs, b&w, $3.00

Danica Novgorodoff's A Late Freeze 48 pgs, full color, $6.50

I'm absolutely in love with independent and small press comic book creators. What other artform is so accessible? To pursue art and story without the commercial constraints that limit every other popular medium. Both the film and music industries have been co-opted and abused by larger corporate interests. While it'd be nice to make a living selling mini-comics, you find that comic book creators don't have the same delusions of grandeur that many other artists have. I might be wrong here, but the people I've met just want to make art and tell stories, and hopefully get some respect along the way. They've avoided the ridiculous posturing of other art-rock-gods, the cult of cool that strangles genuine expression. I could ramble some more on this topic, but I feel like keeping it simple right now.