4/27/06 ~ There's nothing to it.

If you haven't been reading the Viper webcomics, you should. Both You'll Have That and the Horrible Pirates have hit their stride. Wes and Pat are incredible cartoonists. Each with their own unique style and approach.

Updates: I'm the busiest I've ever been with my writing. I have several projects in various stages of completion. Each of the artists I'm working with are amazing.

Emily Edison, artist Brock Rizy - Antigone, artist Tom Kurzanski - Jack Ruby, artist Brian Kelly - The Omisoka Bridge, artist Greg Zadronzy - The Last Babysitter, artist Cal Slayton - Astronaut Dad, artist Brent Schoonover - Few Steps Closer (working title), artist Nelz - and a new essay for Smart Pop Books

Obviously, Emily Edison will be out in June. Antigone, later this year. As far as the other projects? There's no telling. The script for Astronaut Dad is done. I wrote it three years ago, but I'm going back to do a re-write. Brent is busy with other stuff. Once he finishes, we'll get started. So it'll probably be at least another year. Brian Kelly is stranded in some tiny village in Ireland working as a tattoo artist. He's completed a few pages, and they look great. Script-wise, non-fiction is non-fun, but this Jack Ruby project has refused to die. Some things where meant to happen. The Omisoka Bridge has a new artist, Greg Zadronzy. He's sent me thumbnails of pages 1-12 and character sketches. We'll have a gorgeous preview available by July. I've wanted to work with Cal Slayton for a long time. I can't think about The Last Babysitter without smiling. (Of course, any project that includes this book as research is going to be fun.) And most recently, Nelz. Last week, I started work on the script. The ideas and some of the characters have been floating in my head for awhile. Nelz has given the story new life. Honestly, I'm a little worried. It's so much darker than anything I've ever done. "Bleak" would be the best word -- 1: offering little or no hope, 2: providing no shelter or sustenance. It'll be a challenge. I'm anxious to see how it develops.

I wish I could say more, but it'd be bad mojo. Hopefully, I haven't jinxed anything. For everyone who reads my blog, I really appreciate your support. This past year has been huge. Who knows where it'll go from here?

Another update: It's my birthday on Monday. I'll be 29.