4/20/06 ~ Being a dad

Finished reading Little Star by Andi Watson. Really good book. Andi Watson, an incredible cartoonist, also writes some of the best dialogue. These words stuck with me:

When people ask "What is it like to be a dad" I usually shrug and tell them it's good. It's a meaningless answer but it gets me out of trying to describe what it really means to me. I'm not a better person because I'm a father. I'm not suddenly full of wisdom and inner contentment. In fact I'm left pondering more unanswered questions than ever. If anything fatherhood has made me more of a person. I'm happier than I've ever been, and sadder. I'm more aware of the moment and more anxious for the future. I'm angrier and more content. I'm more patient and more frustrated, much more mentally stimulated and a lot more bored. It's a very long shopping list of contradictory emotions often experienced simulatneously. I'm a prince and stepmother, king and stepsister, horsey and fairy godmother. I'm a slob and chauffeur, teacher and pupil, nurse and sergeant major. Dispenser of hugs, sympathy, ultimatums, and moral guidance. The manners police and the hygienist. I'm a chemist and cash dispenser. Dancer and tickler. Monster. Bum wiper and bather. Grump and storyteller. Tyrant, pushover, builder and cleaning lady. Husband and son. Dad.