4/11/06 ~ The Rest of the Story

From Ronee Garcia Bourgeois' weekly column:

Back in December, I first told you about an alleged sexual assault that occurred at a comic convention and expressed my own personal feelings on the subject as I tend to do. Since then I have learned to be a bit more politically correct and all that crap but I do not apologize for bringing the topic up, for saying what I think or for being a passionate person for women's rights.

However, at the time, the victim was not ready to come public and wanted to handle the situation the right way and through the proper channels, which I applaud her for of course -- I then promised not to publicly speak of it again until SHE was ready to tell it herself.

Well. She's ready.

Let me introduce you to Taki Soma, an extremely talented artist and a brave woman. (read here)

On May 6th, Friends of Lulu will start a special fund to provide legal representation for women dealing with issues of sexual harrassment and assault within the comic book industry. Such extreme criminal behavior must be punished, and we have an obligation to offer resources to those who have been the victim. This industry should be a safer place where talented and creative people can explore their art without concern of harrassment.

We have gained an unfortunate reputation for being a "boy's club". All the while, some of our most skilled professionals are women -- Christine Norrie, Jessica Abel, Marjane Satrapi, Chynna Clugston-Major, Hope Larson, Colleen Coover, Raina Telgemeier, Gail Simone, Christina Weir, Amy Kim Ganter, Renee French, Carla Speed McNeil, Colleen Doran, Tara McPherson, Trina Robbins, Louise Simonson, Vera Brosgol, Lynda Barry, Becky Cloonan, Ellen Lindner, Joana Carneiro, Erika Moen, Jen Wang, Black Olive, Lea Hernandez, Paige Braddock, Pia Guerra, Jill Thompson, Jen Van Meter. I hope more women pick up a pencil and paper to create quality comics, but it won't happen in a boy's club.