3/13/06 ~ Emily for the masses

For the past few months, Brock has been working non-stop on the Emily Edison TPB. 144 pages, full color. He's moved into a pace that would make the 24 hour comic book day an underachievement. From his livejournal--

After deadline. It seems like all I talk about is what I'm going do do after the deadline (one week and one half from now). Improve my health by way of diet and excercise (I actually thought, without intended irony, "I should get a microwave, so I can start eating better.") Get a girlfriend (with a cool name probably, with freckles maybe, without a beau definitely). Watch the Alien Quadrilogy (two different versions of each film-a daunting task). Animate a fuckin' website (with a slightly more leisurely schedule constraint than my book). Acquire new eyeglasses and contact lenses (which means an appointment with the eye doctor). Sleep (the day after Staple and Oscar weekend, I slumbered all day, and that's not hyperbolic of me to say). Catch up on my Arrested Development Finale (at David's on the DVR). Draw Wolverine (or at least something besides Emily Edison). Turn twenty-seven years of age (I already have the Alien Quadrilogy, so don't buy it for me).

Artwork from "monty" posted on his myspace comments--

Coming in the next few months: Emily Edison in the April Previews, postcards sent to various comic retailers, gallery exhibit, online interviews, Free Comic Book Day, Cape, launch of the flash animated site, Dallas Comic Con, release party at Minc Lounge, San Diego Comic Con

All good stuff.