3/9/06 ~ Profoundly MySpace

I've long asserted that MySpace is a pit of hell, the idiot epicenter of the Internet. Sure, I have a profile on the site, but that doesn't make the first statement any less true. In fact, it might validate what I said. However, today I was checking out a particular profile and I stumbled upon one of the most touching and oddly profound "about me" blurbs I've ever read. Not any goofy drinking or Spring Break pics or a run down of a person's accomplishments and current geography, but a simple quirky life statement that really touched me:

My existence has brought me through many life changing experiences. These events don't shape me they have molded me into who I am if you cant deal with it keep walking!!!! To this day I can't put into words who I am so that you'll understand and some how my best friend in the whole world has figured me out. Most of the time I am figuring things out for the first time. As of right now I'm looking forward to going to college....my major is Kinesiology and I'm contemplating in majoring in art as well . I'd like to explore the possibility of getting my masters in medicine in the future. Recently I found a new passion for illustration and finding weird ways around photography.... I'm simple, crazy, and weird... I'm just trying to live this so-called life one day at a time...and I'm trying not to trip and land face first into life. So everyday I climb (sometimes fall) out of bed throw on something clean and my day begins.....I LOVE TOAST!!!! Secret to life very very important: "It feels like a pamona day...3-10-05." If you cant figure out what you want, join everyone else in this life long journey because you're not alone.

It's my sister Lizz. I consider myself very fortunate to be her brother -- she's got it more figured out than she realizes. I love toast too.

Soundtrack: Always Love by Nada Surf