11/3/05 ~ Updates

The prior dog-plan fell through. So instead, next week, we'll start looking for a pup, going to animals rescue shelters. We want a dog that's a few years old, so he/she will be better around kiddos. Puppies bite, scratch, and jump too much for Kennedy's tastes. We're excited. Kennedy loves dogs. Last night, she was holding a toy block with a dog on it. She started saying "doggie".

I'm picking up Tom from the airport in a few hours. He's already pencilled the first 5 pages of a possible second series for Karma Incorporated (Karma Incorporated: Vice & Virtue). I haven't seen the pages yet, but he's very happy with them. I think his exact words were: "I love 'em. I want to kiss and snuggle them, but fear paper cuts." ...maybe I've said too much.

I'm not making the pace I wish I was with NaNoWriMo. I was hoping to be further along, especially with Wizard World Texas this weekend. I won't get much done. And last night, I got distracted by Lost Season One DVD. Who knows? Maybe I can pull a few all nighters some weekend and catch up?

For those going to Wizard World Texas, I'll be at the Viper Comics booth promoting Karma Incorporated (all three issues now available). I'm also volunteering at the ACTOR booth a few hours each day.

Tomorrow, Melissa and I have our 2nd annual cook-out. If you're interested in coming, you can read more about it here.

Also, Dead@17: Protectorate #1 came out yesterday in stores. Pick up a copy. I read it yesterday, and it's really good stuff. Kudos to Alex, Ben, and Marlena.