10/26/05 ~ Pre-Nano #1

I'm working on the basic plot and outline of my NaNoWriMo story. It's going to be a continuation of The Insight -- that comic book script I was working on about three years ago. You wouldn't have to read that story in order to understand what I'm writing now. In fact, you might enjoy it more.

I learned a lot from writing The Insight, but I have no intention of attempting to publish it. Might as well use the scraps to create something new -- I love the story enough to bother writing a continuation, but not enough to care if the end product is crappy. Nano is an experiment and a challenge. Hopefully, I learn even more from this experience -- like should I even bother with writing novels?

The premise of The Insight came as I was thinking about psychic phenomena -- and what it might mean on a more interpersonal level, and not just "handy to solve crimes with". After I watched Solaris (1972 version), I realized how closely related these two stories could be. So I re-wrote The Insight as a more intentional homage to Andrei Tarkovsky's film. My Daniel Phelps is his Kris Kevlin. My Jenny Alvin is his Hari. The paranormal has replaced the sci-fi.

Geez, I've done so much with this story. The Insight must be my scribble pad.

Daniel Phelps, Jenny Alvin, Leland Grieves, Patricia Myer, Karen Myer, Edie Devereaux, Robert Kim, Jon Barowski, James Devereaux

I need a name for a small town sheriff who's 68 years old -- same age as Merle Haggard. Any ideas? He's one of the main characters.

Opening quotes:
"The mind has a thousand eyes, and the heart but one." - Francis William Bourdillon

"I have a feeling someone's deceiving us." - Hari from Tarkovsky's Solaris