10/18/05 ~ The FbR newsletter

The October Fanboy Radio newsletter is now available online (click here, pdf file). If you've never read any of them, there are really good. Check out the archives. Good content and a great design.

In this issue, I contributed my Indie "It List" for 2005 -- the top 20 names in independent, small press, and alternative comics.

Other segments include: Editor's pick by Greg Bowers, Holiday Ho-ho-horror by Matt Leong, How to put together a "recommendation list" by Phillip Ginn, top 10 best/10 worst superhero costumes, Top 10 comic book nightmares by Jordan Michael, comics and video game reviews by Scott Hinze, Spooky comics and the thrill of being scared by Cheryl Rose, the distinction between a geek, a nerd, and a dork by Oliver Tull, Fanboy friendly TV by Alan Waltrip and Luke Hawkins.

The newsletter is fully illustrated by Jim Lujan, Matt Leong, Jeff Elden, Jess Hall, Randy G, and Oliver Tull. Design and layout by Justin Stewart.