10/5/05 ~ Public Service Announcement

Oh, how I love movie trailers. These look particularly good.

Capote ~ Fascinating look into the mind of a writer and a killer.
The Ringer ~ Okay, yes, it's a comedy about the Special Olympics. But lots of people fall down in the trailer, and falling is funny.
The Family Stone ~ Meet the family during the holidays. This genre has been beaten to death, hasn't it? But this looks cute, and Luke Wilson is always good. Oh yeah, Claire Danes.
Pride & Prejudice ~ Jane Austen deserved a better film version of this novel. Here it is. Funny that they used the "Love Actually" score for this trailer.
A History of Violence ~ Based off the graphic novel, quite possibly the best movie of the year. It feels so good to type that. Sin City. Ghost World. Road to Perdition. We've got the better stories. So there.
The Chumscrubber ~ God bless suburban hell. Kinda confusing though... the kid from Thumbsucker is in Chumscrubber. I'm going to mix these two up.