10/3/05 ~ The two women in my life

Today is Melissa's first day in her new position at Fast Forward. And today is also Kennedy's first day at the Children's Courtyard.

Let me start off by saying, I'm glad Kennedy is in daycare. She loves kids her own size, and rarely gets the opportunity to play with them. I will not be surprised if today is an incredibly fun day for her. She's not one to have separation anxiety either. Kennedy is very happpy to leave the protection of mom and dad. However.

I'm dying here.

I want to leave work right now and go pick her up. I can't stop thinking about her. What if she misses us and starts to panic? What if she hurts herself? Or they don't feed her food she likes and she simply doesn't eat? Will they give her plenty of juice? (She likes juice.) Will they give her the right kind of milk? (She prefers room temperature 2% milk.) Will she be able to take her nap? Will they get mad at her if she starts crying and refuses to lay on the mat? At home, she has a very particular sleep ritual: Two stuffed animals -- her bear and her hippo, one at her feet, and the other near her head. Two blankets -- the pink one is along her left side, the yellow one on top of her. She likes to have her pacifier while she sleeps. And when she finishes with her nap, she shakes her hippo to let us know. Ugh. I'm going to be sick. I miss her so much!!! What if the older kids run her over on the playground? What if the kids ignore her? She's wearing shorts today. What if they take her outside, she crawls around, and bruises her knees?

As for Melissa, I'm also worried about her, but not as much. How will her day go? Will she be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the work? Will she be adequately prepared? Will she like everyone at the office she has to work with?

Four more hours and I'm out of here.