Today, I had the privilege to speak with Harvey Pekar. Scott, Oliver, and I interviewed him for Fanboy Radio Episode #258, the September Indie Show. This episode will air on Wednesday. It came as a last minute opportunity, as I was desperately searching for a third guest and figured "what the hell?" Lo and behold, I found his number and gave him a call. Not only that, we had a great interview with two of the most talented people in alternative comics-- Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. Definitely, a do-not-miss hour of Fanboy Radio.

Also, congratulations to Javi for Lost's Emmy win. I was very happy to see you so happy on that stage. Awesome!

And finally, check out Derek Ash's review of Karma Incorporated #2 (click here). He gave it a rating of 3.5 of 5. The first issue got a 2.5. So... I'm thinking for the next issue... a 4.5? I certainly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read our work and offer thoughtful review.

By the way, audio commentary for issue two coming soon.