8/22/05 ~ The Vowell Wannabe Club

Yesterday's art night went amazingly well. The museum itself is beautiful. I'm proud to have such a great modern art museum, which features local talent, in my hometown. The current exhibit (unrelated to Axxess) with Tommy Fitzpatrick is truly impressive. Axxess showcased some of their own artists, and the paintings ranged in talent, novice explorations to more experienced development. It was a real treat.

The event was divided into two acts. The performances varied greatly with spoken word art, prose readings, poetry, drama, and song. I was the second person to take the stage. I followed an amazing spoken word artist-- a true professional who had at one time shared a stage with Maya Angelou.

I felt good about my reading. I read an excerpt from chapter three of the online novel I'm writing, titled Let's Get Lost (available on Velvet Goat). Melissa said it went well, and gave me, what I would consider to be the highest praise. "It sounded like something you would hear on NPR / This American Life by someone like Sarah Vowell." Wow. That made my day.

Let's Get Lost is my first attempt at a novel. I'm sure I'm going about it all wrong, but we'll see what happens.