7/24/05 ~ Serenity updates

The international trailer has been released, and it is marvelous (click here).

Joss Whedon posted about the Comic-Con panel

Hey guys. Just wanted to weigh in by saying that I too was a little thrown by aspects of the panel (and no, i'm not talknig about the now-infamous Angel Role-Playing question). It did seem shorter than usual, and now I know that it was. (We also didn't sign for as long, and in a room where no one could see us.) Personally, I think I was off my game a bit. (Jewel might agree, hhnnn...) Usually I have questions for the cast if there aren't many coming and this time I was confused and frightened by the noise and flashing lights, not unlike Kong. (The original film, not the panel.) And yes, Hall H is not exactly an intimate venue. Having said that, the big-ass room did mean there were some non-fans present, which is really important for spreading the word. And the cast are all so dreamy. Nathan's "time-rock" speech had me in tears. A classic. I did have a great deal of fun. My complaint is much like anyone else's: not enough time with the cast. They flew in, they flew out-- I felt like Lois Lane.

But it was tops of Uni to get that screening together-- especialy since I'd completed the film not 48 hours earlier (if anyone wonders why I looked tired, or mumbled, or signed my name "Jo Mnhuh", that’s why). And the Con was cool-- finally had enough time to walk the floors for a good long while. Bought some art, chatted with some famous artists who are CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS of mine... And the browncoat booth looked fab. Professional, big, bustling-- the Ethel Mermen of booths. Very gratifying.

My very favorite thing was the Equality Now postcard with all my heroines on it. Beautifully designed and it actually made me a little weepy. Made me feel like I matter, and not just because I'm CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS with so many well known artists.

Thanks to everyone I met for being so nice. We should do this again some time.

Ever Vigilant, -j.