6/22/05 ~ Look what I've got

The shipment of Karma Incorporated #1 San Diego exclusive arrived this week. I went by the Viper office to pick up a few copies. (Tom, I'm mailing one to you.) The book looks great. It's a cool experience seeing it in print.

We're selling this version at the Comic Con. And right now, it looks as though issue one (regular cover) will be in stores July 20th.

Other randomness:

* In a few days, Melissa, Kennedy, and I will be taking a brief trip to Indiana to see some of Melissa's family. I'm looking forward to it.

* If you haven't seen it yet, go to www.tedstories.com. Really cool web comics and artwork.

* My interview with Generation Zero (click here)

* Interview with Hope Larson on Fanboy Radio, episode #239 (June Indie Show)