6/4/05 ~ My Summer Reading List

Libraries often do summer reading clubs to encourage kids to pick up a book instead of a video game while enjoying their break. A noble effort, however much like fighting the tide. Even still, both Melissa and I were part of such clubs in our younger days.

In keeping with that bold tradition, here's my recommended book list for the summer--

* Eisner/Miller (Dark Horse)
* F-Stop (Oni Press)
* Ojo (Oni Press)
* Scott Pilgrim versus The World (Oni Press)
* I Was Someone Dead (Oni Press)
* Flight, Volume 2 (Image)
* The Originals (DC/Vertigo)
* McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 13 (McSweeney's)
* A Gentleman's Game (Bantam)
* La Perdida (Fantagraphics)

Some of these I've read recently, and some I plan to read in the near future. If anyone reads all these books and gets a parent or guardian to verify it, I'll mail you a special certificate.