6/1/05 ~ Lots to report

Three years ago today, Melissa and I got married. It's our anniversary. We're going to the Modern in Fort Worth to see the Dan Flavin exhibit, and then we're having dinner at Lucille's. That resturant has become somewhat of a tradition. We first ate there when we came back from our honeymoon, and then again on our two year anniversary.

My article with PopImage is now online--
Propinion: Sympathy for the Mischief-Makers
David Hopkins, author of the forthcoming Karma Incorporated series from Viper Comics, takes time to look at the history of a particular kind of anti-hero, the trickster. Also included, sample pages from Karma Inc. (And as always, you can discuss it here)

Interview with Comic Avalanche--
10 Questions (forum)

Karma Incorporated also has an ad on Buzzscope dot com.