5/27/05 ~ Can't Stop the Signal

Last night, Melissa and I went to an advance screening of Serenity. I tried to get tickets when they first went on sale, but they sold out quickly. Fortunately, our friends Shanna, Leah, and Bethany had two extras tickets, and thus-- we went! My friend Clay was also there, and we sat next to him.

While not the finalized version, the movie was glorious. (There were some sound and music ques missing. I'm sure a few of the scenes will be deleted. And the picture quality was unfinished and grainy in many scenes.) The fans will love it. And even if people haven't seen the television series, the movie stands alone quite well. It's just good film making and solid storytelling. Something that the sci-fi genre, in my opinion, has sorely been missing lately. Hollywood has been too dependent on Phillip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov adaptations. Serenity is something new. Can't wait to see it again on September 30th.