5/25/05 ~ Poverty in Toronto

Antihero Super-Friend and all around cool person Roxanne Bielskis has an article written about her in the Toronto Star.

Some of the moments in Roxanne Bielskis's life would send a weaker woman to therapy. But she's got a different way to deal with rejection.

When a crush at her favourite comic book store turned her down for a date (cute but gay, as it turned out), she didn't bury her flaming cheeks face down in the dirt.

Instead Bielskis, 26, worked the dating disaster into an issue of Poverty Comics-- her own comic book creation. In fact, it became part of the second issue of Poverty, Bielskis's autobiographic comic book series chronicling the life of an intelligent, but perpetually awkward young woman facing the onset of adulthood.

The fifth issue of the series is scheduled for release in early summer, and has picked up quite a following since its debut in 2002. It's getting glowing reviews from comic book enthusiasts, including Kevin Smith of Silent Bob fame and is now carried in stores in the United States and Amsterdam.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is this weekend. I'm sure Roxanne will be there.