From Viper Comics, Oddly Normal #2 and Random Encounter #2 are both in stores today. Jessie gave me an early copy of each this weekend. Very, very cool. Definitely worth picking up. And don't just thinking I'm saying that because I got free copies-- oh no, no, I still pre-order my comics. Paid for out of pocket. I've got the MegaCon exclusive covers and two copies of each issue. I'm dedicated.

And of course, one thing I'm happy about... Oddly Normal #2 features a full page Karma Incorporated ad in the back. Hell yeah. It's pretty.

Oddly Normal (Otis's site) is the wonderland story I've been waiting for. It's a quality all-ages story that is bold and endearing. The art is amazing. The color looks absolutely beautiful.

Random Encounter (Nicc's site) is bizarre, and I love it. The adventures of Migo, Mica Mona, and the mysterious goggled-girl are so exciting and offbeat. If you're looking for something completely different from what you've been reading so far, this is it. Nicc Balce's art is stylized and cool.

It needs to be mentioned that Living with Zombies #2 is also on the shelves. Matt Billman and Christopher Herndon collaborate on what has to be one of the funniest comics I've read in a long time.