Yesterday was Cape!, sponsored by Zeus Comics, Hero Realm, and PvP. It was a great success. We had a steady crowd in attendance from 10 AM until 6 PM. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I was able to sell a few comics and talk about Karma Incorporated.

Random thoughts:

* It was cool to meet Robert Kirkman. I got my Invincible trade signed. It's the best superhero series on the shelves right now.

* Kazu Kibuishi and Jake Parker are both very nice and talented individuals.

* Lea Hernandez was handing out self-made buttons, which stated: "I'm hurting comics".

* I apologize for all the name-dropping. I can't help it. I go to meet people. I meet them, and I blog about it here. What else am I going to write about? Sitting at my booth? More name-dropping ahead...

* Said "hi" to Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa, the current writer for Marvel Knights 4. I told him I really didn't like issue one of his series, but after I read more I thought it was actually quite good. Hopefully, I didn't come across like an asshole saying that. He's one of those writers I'd love to sit down with and just pick his brain.

* I thought I was almost completely sold out of my mini-comic, but the night before I found a hidden stash of about twenty-five copies. I sold quite a few the next day. Pretty soon I'll be on my third printing.

* The dynamic duo Rhody and Lisa were in attendance. I always enjoy talking with them. It just doesn't feel like a Con without them.

* Luke Hawkins brought his camera to shoot some footage for a film he's putting together, which I'm co-producing. I'll post some more details about this later, but it's going to be cool-- and hopefully ready for either Dallas Comicon in the Fall or Wizard World Texas.

* This one guy asked if I do sketches. I told him I'm a writer, and while I could do a sketch, it wouldn't be very pretty. He said he wanted one anyways. Okay, what do you want? A zombie. Sure. And so, I drew a zombie for him.

* Jessie Garza wins the "my-publisher-is-cooler-than-your-publisher" award. He went to Kinko's early, early that morning to pick up last minute postcards, which he made to help us promote Karma Incorporated. Thank you so much!

* I got an early copy of Oddly Normal #2 and Random Encounter #2. Both look amazing. Also, there's a full page ad for Karma Incorporated in the upcoming Oddly Normal.

* Brock showed up in time for afternoon pizza (thanks Richard!) and stayed for the remainder of the event. I enjoyed sharing the table with him. This, in addition to the 24 hour comic, we've had some quality writer-artist bonding time! He did some sketches for a few of the attendees-- a zombie, Emily Edison, Robin, Wonder Woman, and a character from another project he's working on. Brock also contributed a beautiful Emily Edison sketch for the Cape! raffle.

* Fanboy Radio was present throughout, acting as a defacto fourth sponsor of the event. Scott did a great job as MC-- conducting hourly live interviews and frequent raffle drawings. Scott and Britta brought their cute puppy... Gizmo. Cute. Cute. Cute.

* The wind was the only problem with event. We were in a huge tent,which was kinda cool, but there was strong breeze throughout most of the day. Comics and fliers were being blown everywhere.

* My Free Comic Book Day stash consists of: The Adventures of Paul (D&Q), Roninhood of the Samurai (Beckett), Funny Book (Fantagraphics), Superior Showcase (AdHouse), Johnny Raygun (Jetpack Press), Owly Splashin' Around (Top Shelf), and Flight (Image)

* Hero Camp #1 (Greg Thompson and Robbie Rodriguez) will be in stores May 18th. Make sure to get a copy.

* My table was right next to the Luna Brothers. While we didn't talk much during the day, I had a chance to sit with them during party at Sons of Hermann afterwards. Really nice guys.

* And on the other side of my table was Benjamin and Marlena Hall. Ben was doing sketches and selling copies of his new art book.

* At the after party, I ate way too many buffalo wings and carrot sticks.

* Robert Kirkman's cell phone is a modern technological marvel. It does video. Quality video! And it's an mp3 player.

* Didn't stay too long at the party. I was tired. And honestly, I always feel a little out of place at these things.

* I posted new photos on my 12 fluid ounces page.