5/3/05 ~ Harvey

2005 Harvey Award nominations were announced.

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art today announced the nominees for this year's Harvey Awards.

The Harvey Awards, named after pioneering cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman (co-creator of MAD magazine), are one of the comics industry's oldest and most respected awards. The Harvey Awards recognize outstanding achievements in 20 categories, ranging from Best Letterer to Best New Talent to the Special Award for Excellence in Presentation. They are the only industry awards both nominated by and selected by the full body of comics creating professionals.

Voting for the Harvey Awards is open to anyone in the working professional comics community. Final ballots are available for download at the MoCCA website (www.moccany.org). Those without Internet access may request that paper ballots be sent to them via mail or fax by calling the museum (212-254-3511) or e-mailing the Harvey Awards Administrator (pjcjmc2@comcast.net). Ballots are due back to the Harvey Awards Administrator by mail or courier no later than by May 21, 2005, in order to be tallied.

It's cool, because this year I'll be able to cast my first ballot for the Harvey Awards. And MoCCA has been generous enough to offer a year's membership to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art for any eligible voters.