5/1/05 ~ Six more days

I'm the (and more).

Zeus, HeroRealm, and PvP have done such a great job putting this event together. It's this upcoming Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM at Zeus Comics. Address: Turtle Creek Village, 3878 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, Texas

I'll be there promoting Karma Incorporated, selling copies of my anthology work from last year and whatever is remaining of my mini-comic. (I'm almost sold out of the second printing!) Also, in honor of Free Comic Book Day, I've got two short boxes of comics I'm giving away.

Fanboy Radio will be there. Scott and I will introduce the event at 10:30 AM. And my own interview for Karma Incorporated will be later at 4 PM, with the rest of the Viper crew. (click here for a full schedule)

Also, today is my birthday. I'm now 28. So hooray for another year of existence.