4/25/05 ~ Fundraiser to support Broken Frontier

A great comic book website in need of some support.

In reality though, BF needs to find a way to cover its expenses in order to get by. Without a premier sponsor, the only means to do that is by holding a Broken Frontier Fundraiser. The goal of this donation drive is to raise a total of $3000 , which will helps us get close to a break-even point.

Of the proceeds, Broken Frontier will be donating 20% to UNICEF , the United Nations Children's Fund, in support of children in need around the world. Should total proceeds earned topple $3000, 50% of the extra amount earned will be donated to the organization, while the other 50% will be saved for future expenses.

If you wish to support BF through our Fundraiser, you can do so by making a Paypal donation or by bidding on one of our art auctions. (click here for more info)