4/20/05 ~ Let the pre-orders begin!

The May 2005 Previews catalog came out today. Karma Incorporated is on page 362, along with the other Viper books. On the opposite page, there's a full page ad for Viper.

Make sure to go to your local comic store and pre-order this book! We could really use your support for the first issue, and this is the best way to help. Pre-orders indicate to retailers there's an interest. All the cool kids do it. Yep.

click for pre-order form

In other news:

* Won the Back Issue Contest from Lone Star Comics. Again.

* Last night, Melissa, Kennedy, and I went bowling. I bowled my best score, so far. 154. I then proceeded to bowl horribly. Alas.

* Lisa has formed a live journal community for Viper Comics. Check it out!